The final battle between humanity and the Vampires is upon us.  Which side will you choose?

Our first ever competitive room. Take on your friends to see which side wins. Not enough players to split up? , come and play only one side at a time.

2-16 players


 wheelchair accessible

 on Slayer side only.

Creepy scenery



The gift of immortality for many centuries has been the subject of research and aspirations of gifted wizards.  But this gift can turn into a curse if it falls into the wrong hands.

The Order of the Serpent has managed to restore the secret of the Alchemist Stone and the Dark Lord is about to rise and gain unprecedented power.

The wise and brave students are now the only hope for the School of Magic. The conspirators will return in just an hour- will you dare to take the risk and escape in time with the Alchemist Stone?

2 chambers, family friendly, not wheelchair accessible.

 ***As a courtesy to the following groups, please come 10 minutes early to prepare for your room, and not delay the experience, late comers may have to choose a different theme available or have that time taken off their hour.****


Ever done something to deserve detention?

Leaving tacks on a teachers chair will get you detention, if you get caught!

Family friendly

wheelchair accessible

2 chamber

If you go down in the woods today be sure of a big surprise!

It has been months since you and your fellow investigators brought down the infamous Doctor Calgari for his inhumane experiments in the occult and reanimation of the dead.  You now find ourselves in his abandoned cabin in the woods.  What surprises has he left for you?  What terrors await you? Will you survive the night?

Scary(frightening effects), wheelchair accessible.2 chamber


Wonderland is fading, Alice is nowhere to be found.  You must go back to Wonderland and find out why...... Can you save it?

Family friendly

partially wheelchair accessible*(ask us how)

2 chamber

Please think of a team name for your group photo, (Vampires vs Slayers one name for each side)

*We do not do shared rooms, once a room has been booked we will not put other people in the room with your group.

Check out our Bookings page for special deals !!

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