Regular admission  $25 + gst per person

*All deals exclude Major holidays*

Hot Ticket Tuesday , $20 +gst per person

***Please come 10-15 minutes early for your booking to allow time for  preparation and not delay the following rooms, late comers may have to choose another theme available or have that amount of time deducted from their hour.******

Wednesday family day, children 15 & under $15 plus gst with at least one parent max 2 parents. Parents $20 plus gst

If you are someone who needs reading glasses bring them along!  Some rooms have dimmer lighting , if you require extra lighting let us know.

Please think of a team name for your group, Vampires VS Slayers a name for each side.

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BOGO for here at Desmios

*We accept cash, debit, apple pay and all credit cards including Amex

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BIRTHDAY! Free admission for the birthday player with a group booking *Yes we will need proof but promise not to look at your age*

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